Seventieth birthday, fifty years on stage!

Dudek Bluesy

With this album, Irek Dudek made himself a gift to celebrate his 59th birthday. It's hard to believe, but this is only the third pure blues stuff recorded by one of the pioneers and promoters of this genre in our country. 

"Bluesy" is a portrait of a mature artist and man. The material was created in a rather specific way. First, Irek sang songs only with guitar accompaniment, then he played harmonica and violin, then invited a rhythm section to the studio, and later another pianist. Thanks to this, he obtained a clear, intimate sound, emphasizing the reflective meaning of the lyrics. They are also accusatory verses such as "Fear", the other - condemning politicians, thieves, scheduling and rudeness. Something very timely – both a decade ago and today. The blues on this album took on a sophisticated, jazzy character.

The whole stuff was recorded in the studio of Radio Katowice – the largest Silesian broadcaster. The session was attended by jazz musicians: Arek Skolik – drums, Max Mucha – double bass and Kuba Płużek – piano.

In 2011, the album was awarded "Fryderyk" (top Polish music award) as the „Album of The Year – Blues”.


Dudek Bluesy 2010

Dudek Bluesy

  1. Spadam stąd
  2. Zwykły blues
  3. Gołębie znad katowic
  4. Śnij
  5. Fan
  6. Mowa drzew
  7. Dam radę
  8. Kraty
  9. Każdy chce mieć lepiej
  10. Niby zwykły cień
  11. Żegnaj, szkoda słów
  12. Bójcie się
  13. Na bank, na pewno
  14. Przed sklepem
  15. Blues dla Dorotki