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Irek Dudek

Shakin' Dudi


Dudek at Radio Zet Gold on weekend March, 27th 2014

Irek Dudek will be guest of special weekend at Polish Radio Zet Gold. Program includes exclusive interview and the greatest songs by Irek Dudek.

Irek Dudek answers your questions March, 16th 2014

There is a special action on Irek Dudek facebook profile, where Dudek will answer collected questions from his fans. Also questions in English will be answered!

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Irek Dudek & NOSPR

Irek Dudek with Polish Symphonic National Radio Orchestra led by Krzesimir Dębski. Concert held during 34th Rawa Blues Festival, October 10th, 2014.

J.Blood Ulmer & Irek Dudek Duo

Performance in duo with a jazz & blues legend during 33rd Rawa Blues Festival, 2013.

Radiosession at Radio Katowice

Concert Shakin' Dudi at Radio Katowice studio recorded on October 10th, 2017.